Creating a New Empty Cell

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This page was copied from Oblivion CS page and may contain errors. TestQuest01 should be an appropriate empty Fallout3 cell. Unverified - no floor is OK for remote containers, activators.
Further information might be found in a section of the discussion page. Please remove this message when no longer necessary.

Method 1

  1. In the Cell View Window, select "Interior" from the World Spaces drop down box.
  2. Select "TestQuest01" from the left list.
  3. Right-click it and select "Duplicate Cell".
  4. The new cell should appear below "TestQuest01", select it.
  5. Press F2 or slowly double-click it so you can change the EditorID - give it a new one.

Method 2

  1. Open the Cell window by going through the World>Cells menu
  2. Be sure that the Worldspace "Interiors" is selected
  3. Right click in the list of EditorIDs and select "New"
  4. Enter the name for your new cell and click "Ok"


  • For storing remote containers and activators you can leave it floor-less without a problem.

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