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A function included in the GECK for Fallout 3.


Returns the angle between the calling reference and the specified object in a range from -180 to 180 degrees.


(-180 to 180:float) [Object].GetHeadingAngle ObjectRef:ref


Player.GetHeadingAngle StrangeStatue 


  • Do not confuse this function with GetAngle Z, which returns the heading angle of an object relative to the world.
  • The direction the calling reference is facing is considered 0 degrees.
  • Angles measured clockwise from 0 are positive, while angles measured counter-clockwise from 0 are negative.
  • In the example above, if the player is facing north and the object StrangeStatue is due west of the player, the returned value would be -90.
  • When you add this value to the calling references's current heading angle (Z angle), he will face the specified ObjectRef:
  set angle to Player.GetAngle Z + Player.GetHeadingAngle StrangeStatue
  Player.SetAngle Z angle 

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