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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: GetSelf.

A function included in the GECK version


Returns the RefID of the calling reference. GetSelf is only useful when this information is accessed externally, or when the scripted reference's RefID needs to be passed as a parameter to a function like PushActorAway






ref rSelf
set rSelf to GetSelf
player.PushActorAway rSelf 5


  • GetSelf shouldn't be used in object scripts on an item that is or can be in inventory.
  • While functions that take an implied reference can be cast without needing a variable or call to getself, like so:
    CIOS someSpell

    Doing so may not be clear, and makes the code less portable if moved to a different script that does not support the implied reference. For this reason, modders should prefer the more expressive syntax:

    ref rSelf
    set rSelf to GetSelf
    rSelf.CIOS someSpell

    Not only for CIOS, but for all "reference methods" that require a reference, like CIOS.

  • GetSelf will return 0 if called on a reference that has been created dynamically (for example, created via PlaceAtMe, or dropped from an inventory into the game world).
  • Using "GetSelf" in scripts rather than "this" will result in GECKPU throwing errors.