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Mod Organizer (MO), is an advanced mod manager program by Tannin42, available at nexusmods:

Download Mod Organizer: nexusmods

MO has several unique features not found in any other comparable tool:

  • Mods are kept completely isolated from each other -> no more messy data directory (1)
  • Profiles (2)
  • Drag&Drop load order AND installation order management
  • full control over the priority of BSA files (3)
  • Nexus integration for easy download, installation and update of mods (Same as [Nexus_Mod_Manager|Nexus Mod Manager] (NMM))
  • GUI support for manual installers
  • partial compatibility with BAIN and fomod installers
  • Savegame viewer
  • active required mods from save game
  • Archive Invalidation
  • Categorize mods for better overview (customizable)
  • easy overview of file conflicts
  • complete help system
  • Supports Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout NV and Skyrim
  • no dependencies. Just unpack and go
  • localization (currently: german, spanish, french and chinese)
  • automatic self-updates
  • BSA unpacking

Mod Isolation (1):

What mod isolation means is that each mod is installed into its own directory outside the actual data directory. Through some magic MO then shows the game (and any other 3rd party tool that works on the data directory) a "virtual" data directory that is a merger of the actual data directory and all the mod directories. This way no file ever get overwritten when you install a mod and your data directory can remain in a vanilla state. You can simply change the "installation order" of mods from the gui and deinstall or temporarily deactivate one without breaking other mods.

Profiles (2):

With MO, you can have different mods active in different playthroughs. You can consider the installed mods as a pool of mods and for each profile you can have a different set of them active. Disabled mods will not be visible to the game, as far as the game is concerned, they are not there at all. As an additional gimmick, you can set up a save game filter for each profile so that when started with that profile, only save games of the specified character are displayed in-game. NOTE: this save game filter is experimental. It may cause the game to create save-games with save-numbers that have already been used, but as far as I can see, that has no negative impact.

BSA Priority (3):

BSA files are archives that contain assets like textures, meshes, sounds, scripts, ... All vanilla data resides in BSAs and by default, the Skyrim Creation Kit packages assets for mods in BSAs. Traditionally you can not control priority between BSAs and "loose" files (that is: assets that came as individual files), BSAs are always overwritten. Therefore, if you wanted to use files from a BSA over files from a mod that came as "loose" files, you'd have to figure out and delete the correct files manually.

MO fixes this problems and afaik it is the only tool available to do so. In the UI, check all BSAs you want loaded and you're ready to go. Files from BSAs have priority according to their installation order (left pane) -> They overwrite files from mods with lower priorities and don't overwrite files with higher priority. The limit of enables BSAs is approx 8000)