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Movable statics are static objects that are subject to Havok physics. This means that they can be moved around by the player with the grab button and will be affected by weapons and explosives.

This category also contains some animated objects which are usually prefixed with 'FX'. They play a single continuous animation, usually a water spray, flames, smoke or something similar.

Movable Static Dialog

  • ID: Unique identifier for this form.
  • Name: Display name. Shown when hovering the crosshair over the object in game.
  • Model: Displays the model for this object.
    • Edit: Chooses the model for this object.
  • Edit Destruction Data: Sets the damage states if an object is destructible.
  • Looping Sound: Sets the sound played for this object.
  • Flags:
    • Quest Item: If checked, item is not cleaned up when a cell is reset (and are not cleared from reset inventories) and warning will appear in the editor that item is a quest object before performing operations on it.
    • Random Anim Start: If checked, this object kicks off its idle animation at a random start time. This is so you can put a couple of the same animated activators in a scene and they won't be animating in sync.
    • Obstacle: Check this box if the object is an obstacle. Actors cannot path across obstacles in the Navmesh.
    • On Local Map: If checked, the item is seen on the local map in-game.

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