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This function will select a reference by id for the console.




  • References in the console may also be selected by opening the console, clicking the mouse, then rolling the mouse wheel to choose objects from the front of the screen to the back underneath the last pixel clicked. For instance, if you click on an object but receive "FXDust..." instead of the object you were trying to click, you can roll the mouse wheel up to select the desired object behind the obscuring visual effect.
  • All console commands, and all scripting language functions, will by definition be called on the currently selected reference when typed into the console.
  • The player reference number is always 14, so using the command
prid 14
will select the player in the console. This can be a convenient shorthand to avoid having to prefix every instruction with player. when attempting to edit the player character.
  • The selected reference will be deselected when you close the console. (To avoid this behaviour, you will require a modification which provides a setting to keep the same reference selected, such as lStewieAI's Tweaks (requires NVSE) and the bKeepSelectedConsoleRef option.)