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PlayBink opens a Bink video file.


PlayBink filename.bik [interruptable] (optional(default=0)) [mute audio] (optional(default=1)) [pause music] (optional(default=1)) [letterboxed] (optional(default=1))


PlayBink "MyNew.bik"

(above example plays Fallout3\data\video\MyNew.bik)

PlayBink "Mymod\MyNew.bik"

(above example plays Fallout3\data\video\Mymod\MyNew.bik)

Playbink "..\sound\videos\Mynew.bik"

(above example plays Fallout3\sound\videos\MyNew.bik)

PlayBink "MyNew.bik" 0 1

(above example plays Fallout3\data\video\MyNew.bik, non-interruptable, with sounds muted)

PlayBink "MyNew.bik" 1 1 1 1

(above example plays Fallout3\data\video\MyNew.bik, interruptable with ESC key, game sound muted, game music paused, and video in letterbox style)


  • Playing a video via the PlayBink command in any way appears to stop game time, even if the flags are set to keep ingame noises going.
  • The Bink files need to be on your harddisk, they can't be packaged into a BSA File.
  • The filename needs to be in quotes.
  • The path to the filename is relative to Fallout3\Data\Video\
  • If Interruptable is non-zero, the user can interrupt the Bink by hitting the escape key. Otherwise, they have to wait for it to play all the way to the end.
  • If Mute Audio is set to zero, the game's world sounds will continue to play during the Bink movie, otherwise they will be muted.
  • If Pause Music is set to zero, the game's music will continue to play while the movie is running, otherwise it will be paused.
  • If Letterboxed is set to zero, the bink will not be letterboxed if it is widescreen and is showing on a 4:3 screen.