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A function added by the JIP NVSE Plugin.


An alternate, extended version of the vanilla function PlayIdle - causes the calling actor to play a specified Idle Animation. Unlike the former, which takes a string argument comprising the name of the Idle Animation to be played, this function takes an Editor ID.

Moreover, the behavior of this function is determined by the passed argument:

  • If a "parent" animation (i.e. grouping one or more "child" animations, or sub-parents), the function will randomly pick and play the first animation whose conditions (if any) evaluate as true.
  • If a "child" animation (i.e. not grouping other animations), the function will force-play that animation, ignoring conditions.
  • If the argument is entirely omitted, the function behaves exactly the same as PickIdle.


reference.PlayIdleEx idleAnim:ref


actorRef.PlayIdleEx MTHitHeadBForce

Force-plays the MTHitHeadBForce on actorRef (conditions, if any, are ignored).

actorRef.PlayIdleEx 3rdPersonHitReactions

Randomly picks the first child animation of 3rdPersonHitReactions whose conditions evaluate as true, and plays it on actorRef.


  • Calling PlayIdleEx on the player directly is bugged, but you can use it on the player if the player's the implied reference of an actor effect's script.
begin ScriptEffectUpdate
    playidle someIdle

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