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RenderTestCell runs a render test on the player's current parent cell.




  • For cells with a NavMesh, the spot 118 units above the center of every triangle is tested. For cells with no NavMesh, the spot at the center of the bound for every reference's 3D is tested. For every cell tested, gives a Warning indicating the number of points to be tested and whether they are NavMesh or Reference based.
  • For every spot tested, renders the 8 cardnial directions looking flat, up 45 deg, and down 45 deg.
  • For every render, checks iGeometryCount < 1200, iTriangleCount < 800000, iNewRenderPassCount < 100, and iActiveLights < 15.
  • For every render that exceeds a threshold, gives a Warning with the position xyz, the rotation xyz, and the 4 measurement values collected for the render.

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