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A function included in the GECK version


Resurrects an actor from the dead or unconscious state.


[Actor].ResurrectActor Anim:int{0, 1} 


[Actor].resurrect Anim:int{0, 1}


InternJohnREF.ResurrectActor 0
JoeREF.ResurrectActor 1


  • 1:Make the actor use animation, the actor stands up after being resurrected.
  • 0:The actor doesn't use animation, he is standing up after being resurrected.


  • Calling ResurrectActor on NPCs with the animate flag false (i.e. either absent or 0) can cause Fallout 3 to crash
  • Calling Resurrect on an actor with the animate flag true (or 1) will cause them to fall through the geometry unless it is called in the same frame as their death.
  • If the animate flag is true, body data will not be updated when the calling reference is resurrected. This can be used to produce living actors with missing limbs, but has several issues:
    • When entering VATS Mode, all previously dismembered limbs on living Actors will reappear. Once this has occurred, these limbs cannot be removed anymore.
    • IsLimbGone will always return a value of "1" for any dismembered limbs on living Actors.
    • Gibbets will update relative to the position and rotation of their Actor of origin.
      • If the limb is removed during certain animations (e.g. reloading) Gibbets will remain ragdolled until their Actor of origin is ragdolled and recovers.
      • Causing the actor to ragdoll (e.g with PushActorAway) can be used to cause the gibbets to ragdoll initially, but once the actor recovers the gibbets will move with them.
    • Actors will act as though limbs haven't been removed.
    • If the limb that the weapon is attached to is removed, the weapon will not be rendered.

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