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SetStage QuestID StageIndex 


SetStage MS27 30 

Sets the specified quest stage to "Completed", and resolves any of the attached stage items that pass their conditions (runs results, adds to quest log, completes the quest if it should).


  • If the quest is not currently running, SetStage will automatically start it.
  • If this is the first stage of the quest to be added to the Pip-Boy, the player will receive a "Quest Added" message on screen.
  • SetStage has no effect if called with a StageIndex that doesn't exist in the specified quest.
  • When called as part of the quest activated by the "New Game" menu option (CG00 in Fallout 3, VCG00 in Fallout: New Vegas) SetStage automatically exits the player from the Main Menu, transitioning them from MenuMode to GameMode.
  • The stage result script will be processed immediately after the SetStage call. The main script containing the SetStage call will be halted until the result script is finished. It is even possible to use the SetStage command inside a stage result script. In this case the new stage result script will run in place of the SetStage command and the old stage result script will continue after the new one has finished. Unlike Activate, it seems that any number of recursive SetStages are allowed (at least 250, tested from the same quest, are possible).

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