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With no parameter, this block type will run whenever the game is NOT in GameMode -- whenever ANY menu is being displayed.

If you include a parameter, you can specify the menu type, or the specific menu, when you want the script block to run:


 begin MenuMode MenuType (optional)


 begin MenuMode
 begin MenuMode 1
 begin MenuMode 1012
 begin MenuMode iTest   ;filtered according to the current value of the int variable

Menu type:

Menu Code Menu Name
1 "main four" (the character interface: stats, magic, inventory, quest log)
2 any other menu (message boxes, containers, etc.)
3 console ( opened with '~' )
4 title screen main menu (added by JIPLN)

Specific menu:

Menu Code Menu Name
1001 Message
1002 Inventory
1003 Stats
1004 HUDMainMenu
1007 Loading
1008 Container
1009 Dialog
1012 SleepWait
1013 Pause
1014 LockPick
1016 Quantity
1023 Pipboy Data
1026 Book Menu (Book Menu Restored Plugin)
1027 LevelUp
1035 Pipboy Repair
1036 RaceMenu, BarberMenu, PlasticSurgeryMenu
1047 Credits
1048 CharGen
1051 TextEdit
1053 Barter
1054 Surgery
1055 Hacking
1056 VATS
1057 Computers
1058 Vendor Repair
1059 Tutorial
1060 You're SPECIAL book
1061 Item Mod Menu (New Vegas)
1069 Tweaks Menu (LStewieAl's Tweaks)
1074 Love Tester (New Vegas)
1075 Companion Wheel (New Vegas)
1076 The Medical Questionnaire (Not Used) (New Vegas)
1077 Recipe (New Vegas)
1080 Slot Machine MiniGame (New Vegas)
1081 Blackjack Table MiniGame (New Vegas)
1082 Roulette Table MiniGame (New Vegas)
1083 Caravan MiniGame (New Vegas)
1084 Character Creation Traits (not the Medical Questionnaire) (New Vegas)


  • For Effect Scripts, this block will never run when the Pause menu is open.
  • Lutana NVSE Plugin (and JIP NVSE Plugin v40+, which Lutana was merged in to) hooks the MenuMode function to properly detect MenuMode 3 (Console)
  • The Main Menu that appears when Fallout 3 first starts up does not have its own menu code. However, the following three (and only these three) will return true: 1004, 1007, 1013.
  • The Main Menu has its own code in Fallout: New Vegas with the JIPLN plugin which is 4, so the above is only needed if you are not using it.
  • Quest scripts on Quests set to start-game-enabled will run even on the main menu. Be extremely careful when using scripts that attempt to perform game-related behaviour in MenuMode to ensure that they are operating on a loaded saved game. For instance, unsafely calling SetNameEx on a base effect in MenuMode will result in a guaranteed crash, before the main menu displays -- which is almost indistinguishable from other boot-related crashes like missing master files. The easiest way to avoid this is to check for an initialization variable that has been set in a begin-GameMode block.

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