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A function added by the JIP NVSE Plugin.


Enables the specified NavMesh. This function takes a Reference/Editor ID as parameter, unlike EnableNavMesh, which takes a Form ID string.


EnableNavMeshAlt NavMesh:ref


EnableNavMeshAlt MOBarracksNavMesh 


  • Interior navmeshes are persistent and an Editor ID can be passed directly to the function, like in the example above.
  • Exterior navmeshes are not persistent and you must pass the navmesh's FormID as a ref variable to the function. See the example below:
let rNavmesh := GetFormFromMod "SomeMod.esm" NavMeshFormID
DisableNavMeshAlt rNavmesh

Note that the NavMeshFormID is the condensed form of its FormID, meaning it does not include information about its position in the load order. This is important, since one cannot assume that the mod the form originates from will always be at the same load order index.

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