How to conditionalize dialogue based on multiple variables

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A dialog topic can check to see if a variable against a static number, but not the sum of multiple variables.

In these cases you could create a variable to hold that relationship, and set it in the results of a parent topic leading to choices conditionalized on that variable.

Example 1: if you want to conditionalize a topic for X + Y < 10:

  • Create a variable on the NPC called XY (you could also use a quest variable or a global variable)
  • Create a parent topic ParentTopic "Hire Mercenaries"
  • In that topics results: set XY to X + Y
  • Create one or more choices off of ParentTopic, e.g. HireMerc1, HireMerc2
  • The conditions on HireMerc1 and HireMerc2 can now use the condition: GetScriptVariable theNPCID, XY < 10

Example 2: if you want to conditionalize a topic for X < Y:

  • Create a variable named XlessthanY
  • In the parent topic's results: use an if statement and set it to be 0 or 1
  • Check XlessthanY in the conditions on the dialogue choices linked to the parent topic.