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This block will be run once when the scripted object is unequipped by the specified Actor. If no parameter is used, the block will be run whenever the object is unequipped by any actor.

Alternatively, this block can be placed on a scripted actor, in which case it will run whenever the actor unequips any item (filtering by item isn't possible).


 begin OnUnequip ActorID


 begin OnUnequip 
 begin OnUnequip player 


  • This block will not run when you attempt to unequip an item with the UnequipItem function. It will run while using UnequipItemAlt, however.
  • This block will not run when you attempt to equip a broken item (weapon or armor). However, the OnEquip block will run. This can cause problems if the item script relies on the OnUnequip block to reverse an effect of the OnEquip. Since the item never actually gets equipped, you'll have to get it repaired and then equip/unequip it to fire the OnUnequip block.

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