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A function included in the GECK for Fallout 3.


Sets the angle of the calling object relative to the world on the specified axis (X, Y, or Z).


[Object].SetAngle Axis:char{X, Y, Z} Angle:float


ActorRef.SetAngle Z 270
Player.SetAngle X 28.8 


When called on the player and actors:

  • SetAngle Z rotates the player/actor as it rotates any object in game. It can be used to force the player or actor face a certain direction. E.g. In an exterior cells, "Player.SetAngle Z 45" forces the player face NE.
  • Player and actors cannot be tilted forward, backward or sideways like most other objects, therefore changing their X and Y angles has no effect, with the following exception.
  • SetAngle X on the player tilts the camera view up/down. It is possible to set the player's X angle beyond the limits of the mouse movement (-89 to 89). Note that the values are counterintuitive: negative angles force the player look up, positive angles, down.
  • Some objects will 'forget' the X angle, setting it back to zero every few frames.
  • Statics may not respond to SetAngle unless spawned dynamically via PlaceAtMe.

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