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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: MoveTo.

A function included in the GECK for Fallout 3.


Moves the object or actor reference to the specified reference's location with optional axis offset parameters.


[Object].MoveTo MarkerID:ref OffsetX:float OffsetY:float OffsetZ:float


BuddyRef.MoveTo HiddenCaveMarker
BuddyRef.MoveTo Player 512 0 0 


  • MoveTo can trigger the OnLoad block of the moving object, as it seems to essentially reload the object out of then into memory again.
  • Consider using SetPos / SetPosEx if MoveTo doesn't do the trick.
  • If this function is used to move the player, the function will queue up a movement request which will NOT process immediately and will NOT halt script execution.
  • Using this function to move a object to a ragdoll may not give the right results. If a ragdoll is on a table or other high places the object ref will be teleported to the floor beneath the object and will end up clipping through the object the ragdoll rests on. The reason for this seems to be that a ragdolls coordinates are always on the floor.
  • Moving a actor with this function may not give expected results. Actors will always appear on the Navmesh and generally cannot be moved to a position where a navmesh does not exist with this function, like for example on top of furniture or on the roofs of most buildings. Although if an actor has the Immobile flag set in the animation tab the function can move them anywhere specified.
  • This function works as expected for Actors. For most other object types, like containers and activators, the object's coordinates are updated but its world art is not. Additional scripting may be necessary to ensure the object moves properly:
myObject.MoveTo myMarker
  • Furniture markers must be persistent in order to move actors to them directly.
  • Care should be taken when using this to move actors with the "No Low Level Processing" flag checked, actors with that flag set cannot travel or return to their original locations if they are not in the loaded area around the player even with the use of travel packages or "Stay at editor location" packages.


  • If MoveTo is used on a container that has the "respawns" flag enabled the container will immediatly respawn it's inventory and will constantly respawn it's inventory every single time the player returns to the cell it moved to. For this reason it's not recommended to use this command with containers that use the respawn flag.

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