Adding lights to models in NifSkope

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Since JIP LN version 56.05, it is possible to add lights as integral components of any model, via NifSkope. In-game, the lights will be rendered as part of the object's 3D:

How it should look in the Block List
  1. Use Attach Effect on the designated parent node of the light and select NiPointLight.
  2. Set the Name of the added NiPointLight block to something unique. You can optionally set X/Y/Z translations, otherwise you may leave the other settings default.
  3. Use Attach Extra Data on the NiPointLight block and select NiStringExtraData.
  4. Set the Name of the NiStringExtraData to LIGH_EDID.
  5. Set the String Data to the Editor ID of a Light record (from the GECK) containing the properties of the light.


  • Lights can be switched on/off using SetNifBlockFlag (flag 0), and passing the name of the NiPointLight block.
  • If the base Light record has the Off by default flag toggled, the light will be switched off by default.
  • Adding lights to rigged armor models in NifSkope will not work in-game. A workaround is to use AttachModel, and attach a model consisting of a parent NiNode and the NiPointLight block.