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There are a few concepts that need to be understood when dealing with Objects.

Objects are also known as Base Forms, or Base Objects. They are either used directly, such as with Challenge forms, or are used as a base to create other forms.

Objects -> References

Whenever an Object is placed in the world, it is instantiated as a Reference, which is modelled after the Object but has its own extra data. Extra data can take look like position data for forms placed in the world, or health data for forms like Weapons, and are unique to each reference.

Inventory References

Something rather unique happens when an Item Reference is placed in a container/inventory. The reference ceases to exist, but its extra data is first stored with the form as part of the inventory entry. This is how the inventory menu can show an item's condition, despite not having access to a reference.

When the inventory item is dropped back into the world, it becomes a reference once more, and the stored extra data is used to convincingly replicate the reference as it first appeared to the player.

See this page to learn more about how to manipulate such inventory references with scripts: Inventory Reference.

The Hotkey Issue

Ever noticed how when a hotkeyed weapon gets dropped and picked back up, the hotkey information does not get restored? This is because a hotkey is stored as an extra data entry for the inventory item, but once the item is transformed into a reference by being dropped, it no longer holds the hotkey data.



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