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Items are forms/objects which can be placed in a Container/inventory.

Data fields common to most Items:

  • Inventory Image: Filename for the icon (.dds) shown on the inventory screen.
  • Message Icon: Filename for the icon (.dds) that is shown in the HUD alongside a message when an item is added to your inventory.
  • Model: Filename for the 3D art (.NIF) used to display the item in the world.
  • Add Destruction Data: Button that can set up the item's destructible states.
  • Equip Type: Determines how the item is equipped, how the hotkey will be displayed, and what major skill is necessary to use this item.
  • Weight: How much space this item takes up in the players inventory.
  • Quest item: Quest items cannot be dropped from the player's inventory, and cannot be sold. Dead bodies that contain a quest item will not despawn until the item is removed.

All Items fall into one of the following subtypes:

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