Cell View Window

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The Cell View Window allows you to view all of the cells in the world, both exterior and interior. It is the only way to switch your Render Window to interiors, and also serves as a quick way of jumping around the world. By default, this window is located in the bottom half of the Construction Set.

The Cell View has two sections. The first lists all of the cells, their name and exterior grid number (or interior). The second section lists all of the objects within the selected cell.

Both sections can be sorted by their respective fields: the cell list by Cell Name, Grid, Reference Count, and Path Grid, and the object list by Object ID, Type, and Ownership.

Loading/Moving to a Cell

Double click the cell name and the render window will switch to an overhead view of that cell. If the cell is not currently loaded into memory you will get a pause while the art loads.

Switch View to an Object

By double clicking an object from the list of objects in the cell, your render view will switch to this object, placing it in the center of the screen (like pressing C from the Render Window). The object will also be selected. This is one of the fastest ways of finding and editing objects.

Renaming a Cell

To rename a cell, select it, and then click its name. Remember that all interior cells must have unique names.