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The Render Window is the area where the world can be viewed and manipulated. References can be added, moved, copied, deleted, and edited. Much of the editing process involves dragging and dropping objects from the Object Window into the Render Window. By default, the Render Window is located in the upper right corner of the GECK.

Basic Operations

Move the Camera
The camera can be moved in several ways:
  • To pan the camera (side to side), hold the SPACEBAR while moving the mouse, or hold down the mouse-wheel.
  • To Zoom the camera, spin the mouse-wheel.
  • The arrow keys allow you to move quickly through the world by moving a half cell distance at a time.
  • To rotate the camera, hold down SHIFT while moving the mouse. If a reference is selected, the camera will rotate around the center of the screen, at the distance of the selected object.
  • You can center a selected object in the window by pressing C. This is also a fast way of zooming in on a reference.
  • You can also center on a selected reference in the window by pressing T. This switches the camera to a close-up, top-down view of the reference.
Selecting references can be done multiple ways:
  • Left click to select a reference. A rotated bounding box highlights it. Other selected references are deselected.
  • Left clicking empty space (or landscape) deselects all references. Pressing D also deselects.
  • Hold Ctrl to select/deselect multiple references by clicking on them.
  • Drag a selection box to select multiple references.
  • Only selected references can be moved. You'll know if you are able to move a reference if the + symbol appears along with your cursor. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the reference to move it.
  • References move, by default on the horizontal (xy) plane. If you want to move a reference vertically (z plane), hold down the Z key while moving the mouse. You can also lock the reference's movement to the world's XY axis by holding down X while moving.
  • To rotate the reference, hold down the right mouse button while moving the mouse.
  • Press F to make references to connect with the floor. You may have to press it multiple times if you have multiple references selected that can fall onto each other. This is a quick way to get references to "snap" to the floor, or a shelf, etc.
  • Pressing delete will delete the selected references from the world.

Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate

Cut and Copy
  • You can use Ctrl-C to copy references, Ctrl-X to cut them, and Ctrl-V to paste them. Pasted references are placed in front of the camera. Multiple references can be copied and pasted at once; they simply all need to be selected at the same time, and will retain their relative orientation when pasted.
  • Ctrl-Shift-V, will place the references down, "in-place" or at the coordinates they previously existed, but in the current cell you are viewing.
  • You can also press Ctrl-D to duplicate selected references. This places duplicates of the references right on top of the selected ones. You can then move the new reference(s) into place. This is great for duplicating hallway pieces for quick building.

Edit Properties

Double clicking a reference opens its properties window. All properties shown in this dialog is data relevant to the selected reference only. To edit the Base Object click on the "Edit Base" button. Note that edits to the base object will affect the current reference 'and all other instances of that object.

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