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A function included in the GECK for Fallout 3.


Similar to GetActorValue and the syntax is basically the same, but getavinfo outputs a lot more information about the given actor value in the console. This function cannot be used in scripts. It's a console command.

In the output you'll see the current & computed base values. In addition, you'll see the values that make up the base value, including the amount from the actor base (i.e. the amount autocalced or entered into the GECK), the result of the derivation function if any, the value as overridden by calling setav if any, whether or not the derived value is added to the base, and finally the three modifiers.

Console Functions are normally exclusively for use in the in-game Console (accessible by pressing "~").

With JIP LN NVSE Plugin, any console function can be used in scripts with the Console function.


[actor:ref].GetActorValueInfo statName:string 


[actor:ref].GetAVInfo statName:string


player.getavinfo strength
GetActorValueInfo: Strength on Courier
...Current Value: 8.00 Computed Base: 5.00 
...Base Value components:
......Reference Base Value: 5.00 
......SetAV override: 5.00
...Modifiers: Temp: 3.00 Perm: 0.00 Damage: 0.00
...Level-up Value: 5.00


  • To understand how Actor Values are calculated, see ActorValue.

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