New Vegas Script Extender

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The New Vegas Script Extender is a plugin and loader system designed by the NVSE team to add a vast array of new functions and allowing the creation of new plugins to essentially "hook" into the game engine.

Link to the page where you can download NVSE:
xNVSE GitHub

NVSE contains most of the functions in FOSE, but the reverse is not always true; many functions in NVSE have not been back-ported to FOSE.

The NVSE loads via a loader exe or game executable if it was patched with 4GB Patcher.

Plugins can be created to further extend NVSE itself. Examples of plugins created with NVSE include:

NVSE Plugin Plugin Name
Aim Transition Patch "AimTransitionFix"
Book Menu Restored Plugin "Book Menu Restored"
Charisma Tweaks "Charisma Overhaul"
Climate Control NVSE "ClimateControl"
Console Paste Support "Console Clipboard"
Controller Support NVSE "Controller Support"
Crash Logger "CobbCrashLogger"
Cursor Unilaterally Matched "CUM"
Fog-Based Object Culling "FogCulling"
GaryGaryGary "GAAARY"
GECK Extender "ZeGaryHax" (Can't be used with IsPluginInstalled and GetPluginVersion)
Height Randomizer "HeightRandomizer"
High Res Local Maps "HighResLocalMaps"
High Resolution Bloom "HighResBloom"
High Resolution Screens "HDPipboy"
High Resolution Water Fog "HighResWaterDepth"
Hot Reload (NVSE) "hot_reload" (See also GetGameHotReloaded)
Improved Console (NVSE) "Improved Console"
Improved Lighting Shaders "Improved Lighting Shaders for FNV"
JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating "RWO Plugin"
JohnnyGuitar NVSE "JohnnyGuitarNVSE"
kNVSE Animation Plugin "kNVSE"
kNVSE JSON Generator "MyFirstPlugin"
LStewieAl's Tweaks "lStewieAl's Tweaks"
Manual Reload "Manual Reload"
MCM "MCM Extensions"
FNV Mod Limit Fix "MLF"
MoonlightNVSE "MoonlightNVSE"
NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash "NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash"
New Vegas - Enhanced Camera "EnhancedCamera"
New Vegas Reloaded "NewVegasReloaded"
New Vegas Stutter Remover "sr_New_Vegas_Stutter_Remover"
No Skill Tags "NO TAGS REDONE"
NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix "NVTF"
NX "Extensions for NVSE"
OneTweak "OneTweak"
Pip-Boy Shading Fix "PipBoyShadingFix"
Project Nevada "pn_nvse"
FNV ReShade Helper "FNVReShadeHelper"
ROOG FNV - ROOG TTW "Hard Hardcore"
ROOGNVSE Plugin "ttw_nvse"
ShowOff NVSE "ShowOffNVSE Plugin"
Simple Exterior Fog Remover "ExteriorFogRemover"
SUPDate Checker "SUPDate Checker"
UIO - User Interface Organizer "UI Organizer Plugin"
YAPR - Yet Another Pip-Boy Remover "PipBoyTweaks"
yGTM - Gameplay Tweaks and Madness "yGTM"
yUI - User Interface "yUI"

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