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Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: ToggleDebugText

The ToggleDebugText console function turns on/off the extra debug display. After toggling the debug text on, use the Scroll Lock button to scroll through the different debug screens. See Debug Text for a description of the debug screens.

Additionally, whenever a console print goes through, the console now appears in regular gameplay. It can be re-closed by entering console and closing it again.


The following is a list of the screens that can be reached using the Scroll Lock key, in the order that they appear:

  1. VATS
  2. FPS only (or minimal display)
  3. Actor
  4. AI Tasks
  5. Animation
  6. Audio
  7. Background Load
  8. Combat
  9. Combat Style
  10. Destruction
  11. Exterior Loader
  12. Magic
  13. MemHeaps
  14. NPC AI
  15. Obstacles
  16. Particle System
  17. Pathing
  18. Timing
  19. Player
  20. Rendered Texture
  21. Renderer
  22. Save Game
  23. Script Profiler
  24. Texture

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