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Unused Function
This function, despite being registered in the game, is confirmed to be broken, unimplemented, leftover or otherwise unusable in Fallout: New Vegas.
Important: This function has been disabled in the final released game.

While the code for it was available in Oblivion, it has since been removed for Fallout 3 / New Vegas.

Link to TES4 Construction Set Wiki: SetDebugText

The SetDebugText (or SDT) console function will jump to a certain debug screen. Note: You must turn debug text on with ToggleDebugText before it will work.

A list of keywords will display if the command is entered without a parameter. To jump to a particular screen, type the same command and then enter any of the keywords as a parameter.


The first two examples will output a list of valid keywords.


If these commands listed "SaveGame" as one of the keywords, you could then type either of the following to display the SaveGame debug screen:

SetDebugText SaveGame
SDT SaveGame

The following is a list of the screens that can be reached using the Scroll Lock key, in the order that they appear:

  1. VATS
  2. FPS only (or minimal display)
  3. Actor
  4. AI Tasks
  5. Animation
  6. Audio
  7. Background Load
  8. Combat
  9. Combat Style
  10. Destruction
  11. Exterior Loader
  12. Magic
  13. MemHeaps
  14. NPC AI
  15. Obstacles
  16. Particle System
  17. Pathing
  18. Timing
  19. Player
  20. Rendered Texture
  21. Renderer
  22. Save Game
  23. Script Profiler
  24. Texture