Using Complex Conditions

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When creating Mods for Fallout 3, at some point you'll probably run into conditions. When something is given a condition, for example a Menu Button, it will only be used if its conditions evaluate to true.

Unfortunately, the conditions available don't always check what you'd like them to check. For example, checking if a reference variable is pointing to a specific reference. To get around this, you can check your condition in a quest script, and check the result of this in your condition with the GetQuestVariable condition. For example:

set rBuddyRefCheck to ExampleRef.rBuddyRef
set sPointsToBuddyRef to rBuddyRefCheck.GetIsReference BuddyRef

Now, by checking that sPointsToBuddyRef is 1 with the GetQuestVariable condition, you can effectively check that ExampleRef.rBuddyRef is pointing to BuddyRef in your condition.

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