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Special block type used only by Magic Effect scripts. This block will run only once, after the scripted spell effect has ended.


 Begin ScriptEffectFinish 

Constant Enchantments

Unfortunately, this block won't fire when used as a scripted effect for constant (apparel) enchantments. If you have access to the item script, you can emulate the functionality by using the OnUnequip block of the item itself.


  • A ScriptEffectUpdate block with an active Return statement placed before a ScriptEffectFinish block in a Magic Effect script will prevent the ScriptEffectFinish block from running when the Magic Effect script ends.
  • This blocktype is not executed by scripts assigned to the Impact Script field of a type of ammunition (Fallout: New Vegas).
  • Running Disable on an actor will cause this block to fire if they have an effect with this block.

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