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Meet the Garden of Eden Creation Kit!

Welcome to the Fallout 3 mod community!

This category is your hub to getting started in the GECK tool we used to create Fallout 3's quests, items, enemies, areas, and almost everything else you interact with in the game. Learning to use this tool will empower you change all of these aspects of the game, too.

If you're familiar with the Elder Scrolls Construction Set tool, check out what's new and improved to get an overview of what to expect from the GECK.

If you're new to modding Bethesda Game Studios' games, or new to modding in general, then you may want to check out our "My First Vault" tutorial series, introduced below.

This tutorial series is a collaborative effort of Bethesda developers to help you get your feet wet by building your very own Vault. We'll walk you through every step involved from setting up the GECK to preparing your content to be shared with the online Mod Community!

Thanks again for your interest; we can't wait to see what you come up with.

Bethesda Game Studios Staff

My First Vault Tutorial Series

This series of task-oriented tutorials will walk you through every workflow step involved with creating a new level and adding it to Fallout 3. Example plugins are included to compare your work against at the end of each tutorial.

Most of the steps in this guide are shared by the Fallout: New Vegas version of the GECK. The main differences will be the resources needed, keep in mind you cannot use the same plugins across the 2 games.

My First Vault Tutorial Series Example Files
1) Setting up the GECK
2) Layout and Using Kits Example Layout Plugin
3) Cluttering and the Object Palette Example Clutter Plugin
4) Navmesh Example Navmesh Plugin
5) Population: Monsters and NPCs Example Enemies Plugin
6) Population: Traps & More Example Traps Plugin
7) Lighting and FX Example Lighting Plugin
8) Optimizing your level Example Optimization Plugin
9) Connecting your level to the world Example Finalization Plugin
10) Creating a basic quest Example Quest Plugin

Helpful Articles for Further Reading

Keyboard Shortcuts

What the shortcuts are for different editing modes.

Data Files

More about how plugins work, and managing multiple mods.

Debug Tools for Designers

Some helpful tools for debugging.

Static Collections Tutorial

How (and why) to use Static Collections

Where to Go Next

So you've mastered the tutorials and you're still hungry information? Try these sections of the wiki: